Welcome to Twin Cities Model Boat Club

Don Braaten and Maurice (Bill) Jankord started the club in 1959 and had club meetings in their Marine Model Products hobby shop on Franklin Ave. In the early days they did tether racing. They ran boats on 'Pigs Eye lake' or a near by pond in that area, Thomas Lake, and other sites. Radio licensing was relaxed around 1976 allowing Radio Control (R/C) to gain footing. Mark (Mic) Halbrahder re-energized the club in the early 1980s. Then the site was at (little) Goose Lake in White Bear Lake MN. The club began using Nicols Road Pond in 1989. The club incorporated in 1991. Several dynamic club presidents have steered the club since.

Radio controlled (R/C) nitro or gas model boats are our thing with our primary interest in racing. However, we welcome people who simply want a safe place to enjoy model boating. We will help you make your boat go fast. Who knows you may gain confidence to become a racer.

We have three club meetings per year: fall, winter, and spring. We talk about model boating issues, help you with your boat questions, set the race schedule, and prepare the club for events. Meeting notices and other information are published in the TCMBC News and on this web site.

Members need to have a current IMPBA membership card showing insurance coverage. Therefore an International Model Power Boat Association Application is available upon request or at the IMPBA web site. IMPBA insurance is needed before you will be allowed to participate in races or open running at our pond.

Technical Standards and Procedures

Complete standards and procedures are found in the IMPBA rule book.
Here is a brief summary.

Engine definitions-

Class - Engine Size
A - .12 and smaller
A+ - This is our club's way to include popular boats with .15 and .18 motors.
B - .21/ 3.5cc nitro fueled
C-D - .45/ 7.5cc nitro fueled
EF - .67/ 11cc largest is 1.8 nitro fueled
LS - GAS motors 22cc - 36cc
FE - Fast Electric

Hull definitions-

MONO - Deep vee or flat bottom, one planning surface
HYDRO - 3 point, 4 point, hydro-foils, catamaran, step hulls
TUNNEL - Outboard OPC (Outboard Performance Craft) type tunnel hulls - a special kind of Hydro.


We run several classes in heat racing. Three or more similar boats are needed to form a class. Common classes are:

A and A+:

.12 Hydro, and .12, .15, 18 OPEN to mono, tunnel, hydro, Ready To Run models.


.21 Mono, Hydro, Sport Tunnel, Modified Tunnel

D and C:

.22 to .46 Mono, Hydro, Catamaran, Tunnel

F and E,X:

.47 to .67 to 1.80 nitro,Mono, Hydro, Catamaran, Tunnel

LS (Gas):

22 cc to 36cc gas fuel motors, Mono, Hydro, Catamaran, Tunnel

Fast Electric:

We currently run RTR and P spec/limited (any esc using a maximum 5000 mah 14.8V battery) Details on the 'Get Started' page
OPEN: hydro, mono, catamaran, tunnel, and gas boats run together.
OFFSHORE: mono, catamaran, tunnel, and gas boats (no hydro)
GAS boats
When a class has less than three boats, another boat class can be merged together providing the drivers approve. This is done as a courtesy to the small class because they would not be able to compete otherwise. The boats from the small class are not eligable to accumulate points for the small class while running with the merged class. However, they do accumulate points in the merged class.

Start Clock

We use an audio clock connected to our public address system. This clock is used at all of our events.

R/C Model Boat Racing
What to Expect at a Race!

Registration - 8 a.m.

Drivers and pit helpers show a valid IMPBA membership card and radio channel when registering. Test running is allowed (if time permits it) between registration, after 8 a.m. and the Drivers Meeting. Always obtain the proper channel pin and check with other boaters who may be using the same channel before turning on any radio. Resolve channel conflicts before the Drivers Meeting and tell the Contest Director about changes.

Drivers Meeting - 9 a.m.

This meeting is to review the race day procedures and frequencies. Racing begins after the Drivers Meeting. You will need a "pit person" to launch your boat, count laps, watch for "dead boats" and help in the pit area. Pit persons must be IMPBA members. Usually boaters not racing in your heat will be your pit person. Always respect and thank your pit person. Be a good sport.

Racing Procedure - Drivers Meeting to race end.

> Each driver's name is called to determine whether everyone is ready, has a pit man, and is in the pit area. Then the clock started - "you're on the clock" is announced. Each boater has 2 1/2 minutes (pit time) to start their boat and get it into the water. During the last 30 seconds your boat should be in the water getting warmed up and positioned for the running start. This is called "Milling". It is desirable to "line up" your boat so that when the clock siren comes on to signal the start, your boat is just about to cross the starting line. All boats run clockwise around the outside of the course marked by the buoys. Six laps are needed to finish a Heat. A race has three or more rounds. "Cutting a buoy" is a 50 point penalty per buoy. But cutting three at once is considered cutting the course and is a one lap penalty. The pit person counts these infractions and reports them to the Referee-scorekeeper. Passing a slower boat should be done on the outside lane unless the boat being passed is out far enough for your boat to pass safely in the inside lane (lane one). Bumping or colliding with another boat is not a good strategy. Both boats usually make a big splash and don't finish the Heat. Points for each Heat are totaled to determine the winner of the race. Points are awarded for each Heat based on finishing place. First place is 400 points, second is 300, and so on. A "start" (25 points) is counted when the boat crosses the starting line after the clock has signaled the start. Did-Not-Start (DNS or zero points) means the boat didn't make it to the starting line before the clock signaled the start.

Heat Racing Points & Awards, Penalties

***penalties are earned any time a boat is in the water.***

Infraction Penalties

1) If a dead boat is hit, the violator receives no points for the heat. A second occurrence in the same class disqualifies the violator (no points) for that class and event.
2) "Course Driving Rules" infraction penalty is 1 lap.
3) Buoy Infractions - Touch, striking or cutting inside is - 50 points per buoy. Penalty points will never exceed the finish place points accrued during a heat. We do not have negative scores.
4) A Cut Course, cutting 3 buoys at once, is a 1 lap penalty, meaning an extra lap is needed to complete the heat.

Points earned
1st Place - 400 pts.
6th Place - 96 pts.
2nd Place - 300 pts.
7th Place - 72 pts.
3rd Place - 225 pts.
8th Place - 54 pts.
4th Place - 169 pts.
9th Place - 40 pts.
5th Place - 127 pts.
Did not finish - 25 pts.

Did not start - 0 pts.


See you at the pond! 

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